Andrew Turnbull

Andrew Turnbull is a unique horseman and individual. He might look like a ‘cowboy’ but Andrew is far from traditional. Combining the art of horsemanship as pioneered by Tom and Bill Dorrance with modern science focusing on biomechanics and horse health, Andrew works with an open heart, seeking that ultimate connection and feel between horse and human that lies beyond words.

Through a deep desire to improve horse welfare, Andrew’s goal is to share his knowledge and insights with likeminded individuals, with the goal of making the world a better place for horses and humans. For the past 10 years, Andrew has been travelling the world to work and train with some of the best horsemen and cattlemen who are committed to and practise true mastery in horsemanship.

In early 2017 Andrew was endorsed by Steve Halfpenny to become a Light Hands Equitation Instructor and young horse starter, with the emphasis of his teaching to create an understanding between horse and rider, developing trust and confidence right from the start.

Having developed a passion for the Vaquero style of horsemanship, Andrew enjoys teaching the applications of these traditions both in horsemanship and when working with cattle.

Vaquero horsemanship dates back to the Spanish riding tradition, which pre-dates modern dressage and western sports. This tradition has been pioneered in California for many years and is based on sustainable long-term training with the aim of a harmonious understanding between horse and rider. For an excellent detailed description of vaquero horsemanship see here:

Since following the path of Vaquero Horsemanship, Andrew is increasingly focusing on tailoring his training and riding to the individual horse, based on conformation, biomechanics and potential issues stemming from past or current injuries of the horse that may be presenting as behavioural or training difficulties. This has inspired Andrew to pursue further studies and mentors who specialise in equine biomechanics and soundness.

Andrew works in tandem with equine health professionals to ensure the health and welfare of all horses that he works with.

Andrew’s Mentors

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I appreciate the time and effort the Turnbulls have put in to creating a top notch clinic venue in the midst of a welcoming home environment nestled in beautiful bush county.

I have attended several clinics organised and hosted my AMT, and every year the facilities and amenities just keep getting better - there are few venues left where you can safely camp and yard your horse and focus on immersing yourself fully into the clinic experience.

The provision of well respected clinicians from around the world, covering different but complementary aspects of equitation, Horsemanship and animal health is a resource rarely found in one place, let alone on the verifiable doorstep of Perth.

Rena & Jethro

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