Maike Turnbull

Maike is a veterinarian and lawyer passionate about animal health and welfare. Maike grew up in Germany and emigrated to Australia with her family in 1993.

Horses have always been a huge part of Maike’s life and she has moved from learning to ride on dressage horses in Germany,  studying various schools of horsemanship, to finding her own way to communicate, train and connect with her beloved horses.

Driven by her desire to connect with and understand horses on a deeper level, Maike has combined her scientific and academic training with exploring consciousness and holistic healing philosophies based in ancient traditions and modern quantum physics. This journey has taken Maike around the world to find mentors and explore holistic and integrative therapies. To follow Maike’s adventures you can visit her blog at

Maike uses her skills to work with and help horses holistically, focusing on harmony, balance and prevention on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

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I appreciate the time and effort the Turnbulls have put in to creating a top notch clinic venue in the midst of a welcoming home environment nestled in beautiful bush county.

I have attended several clinics organised and hosted my AMT, and every year the facilities and amenities just keep getting better - there are few venues left where you can safely camp and yard your horse and focus on immersing yourself fully into the clinic experience.

The provision of well respected clinicians from around the world, covering different but complementary aspects of equitation, Horsemanship and animal health is a resource rarely found in one place, let alone on the verifiable doorstep of Perth.

Rena & Jethro

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