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Manolo’s next clinic in WA will be in September 2019.

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Manolo’s Background and Philosophy

An EFA (FEI) Level 3 Dressage Coach, Manolo is a seasoned horseman with over forty years of experience spanning classical dressage and every riding discipline from puissance jumping to polo and doma vaquero. Manolo is dedicated to a soft, sympathetic and thorough training method which prepares horses physically and psychologically for each stage of training from training level to Grand Prix and Haute Ecole. In particular, Manolo is well known for training or re-training the 3 Ps: Piaffe, Passage and Pirouette, without coercion or force.

Over the years, Manolo has become sought after by riders and equine wellness practitioners including veterinarians and osteopaths for his holistic approach to training, developing and rehabilitating horses, which incorporates his unique brand of body work, in-hand and riding. This versatile three-pronged approach gives Manolo the ability to straighten and release tight, stiff, crooked horses, introduce new movements, develop and enhance gait quality and help horses work through physical or mental blockages without stress. Manolo’s dedication to the good of the horse and his proven ability in developing healthy, focused, performing horses using traditional methods have made him a highly sought-after clinician around the world.

Manolo believes that many horses today have become so far separated from their essence, or the harmony that comes from the mind and body working in synchronicity, that they suffer needlessly each day of their lives.

‘My work is about sharing with others the importance of the partnership, the joy of the dance that can be experienced by horse and rider when body, heart and mind are working in a shared partnership. The horse is an athlete, a partner in the dance and as such, should be treated with the greatest respect, care and consideration.’

Manolo’s goal of his training approach is to help the horse reach his potential with his full and willing cooperation and without pushing him beyond his mental and physical abilities.

He adheres to the principles of traditional dressage and Article 401, which preserves the horse’s body instead of wearing it down, and gently nurtures his mental wellbeing, so that the physical and mental aspects work in unity.

‘Before I ask a horse to work, I want to know its history. Has it had problems or an incident that would leave it mistrustful of people and resistant or defensive? If the horse does not like me at the start of his training, I spend time to be friend. Only when the horse’s trust is established will it work in a positive way, relaxed in body and mind.’

Manolo will only take the next step when the previous one is solid and the horse is physically and mentally comfortable with the work. If the horse becomes confused, he will take a full step or half step back and allow the horse to re-establish his confidence and balance before progressing to the next step.

More information on Manolo can be found on his website

What to expect from a Manolo Mendez clinic

Manolo teaches individual or shared lessons during his clinics. Lessons can be shared if riders / handlers are working on similar issues or have horses at similar levels. Manolo teaches both in-hand and ridden lessons.

Manolo Mendez Clinic 6-8 September 2019 at Brookleigh Equestrian Indoor Arena, Swan Valley, WA

Manolo will be in WA to teach a 3 Day clinic from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 September 2019 at Brookleigh Estate, 1235 Great Northern Highway, Upper Swan, WA.

Rider positions are available on application. The clinic format is individual or shared one hour lessons each day.  The clinic fee is as follows (Brookleigh riding club members receive free arena hire):

3 Day Clinic – INDIVIDUAL (1 hour individual lesson each day) 

Brookleigh Riding Club Member: $550

Non-member: $650

3 Day Clinic – SHARED (1 hour shared lesson each day with horse/rider at similar level)

Brookleigh Riding Club Member: $480

Non-member: $580

PLEASE NOTE: Preference for ridden places will be given to riders who are existing students of Manolo’s (ie. if you have had lessons with Manolo in the past) as well as riders who can commit to ride in one lesson each day (either shared or individual). For shared lessons, you will be put with another rider and horse who are working at a similar level to you and your horse.

Complete the form below to apply for a ridden place at the clinic. If you are selected you will be sent further information and booking and payment details. If you are not selecetd you will be placed on the waiting list in case a place becomes available.

Auditors welcome. Prices are as follows and tickets must be pre-purchased here: 

Auditor for 1 Day: $48

Auditor for 3 Days: $110

For stabling and accommodation durig the clinic please book directly with Brookleigh Equestrian Centre on  92960018 or email

Rider Applications for Manolo’s September 2019 clinic have CLOSED. All applicants will be notified shortly. 

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