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Clinics and Workshops

Our motto is that “awareness is the greatest agent for change“. Awareness can come in many forms but often is the result of new knowledge,  understanding and skills. As a horse owner you want the best for your horse and in order to know how to best help your horse, you need knowledge. But it’s not enough to have lots of knowledge, you need to be able to apply your knowledge. That’s where skills come in!

To help you develop those skills and apply your understanding, we offer a range of horsemanship and informative equine workshops and clinics throughout the year.

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If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your own property, agistment centre or club, feel free to contact us to discuss our availability.

Horsemanship Clinics

Horsemanship Clinics

1 to 3 days clinics

Andrew teaches several horsemanship clinics throughout the year, catering for beginners to advanced riders. Clinic themes range from ground and in-hand work, learning footfalls and lateral work under saddle to mechanical cow practice. Andrew is available to travel so if you are interested in hosting a clinic with Andrew at your own property contact us to discuss.

Young Horse & Groundwork Days

Young Horse & Groundwork Days

Building a solid foundation

Our groundwork days build a solid foundation on the ground with your horse which allows you to progress more safely and easier under saddle. Groundwork  builds a horse’s confidence and softness and is also vital to help the horse to use its body in a way that contributes to lifetime soundness. We also play fun games with the horses and get them used to ‘scary’ objects.

Hackamore and Bitless riding

Hackamore and Bitless riding

Developing soft communication

The traditional hackamore (made from a rawhide ‘bosal’ and ‘mecate’ aka reins) is an amazing tool to improve and soften communication with your horse. Many horses who struggle to be happy and forward in a bridle, undergo an amazing transformation in the hackamore. Like any tool, it requires knowledge and skill to use correctly. Our hackamore days are a great way to determine if it is a useful and safe option for you and your horse. We also cover other styles of bitless bridles and discuss their pros and cons.

Equine First Aid Workshops

Equine First Aid Workshops

How to respond to a range of equine emergencies

Learn how to:

  • Assess and treat common injuries
  • Know when you need to call your vet
  • Assess your horse’s vital signs
  • Set up a first aid kit
  • Give your horse oral medication
  • Give your horse injections
  • Work out where your horse is in pain
  • Treat wounds and apply bandages
Information Evenings & Demos

Information Evenings & Demos

Horsemanship and Equine Health Topics

Information evenings are a great way to meet and learn from horsemanship and equine health experts from around the world. We host several evenings and demonstrations each year with visiting clinicians and other equine professionals. Join our mailing list to stay informed of upcoming events.

Equine Professional Workshops

Equine Professional Workshops

International presenters

We have met many inspirational mentors on our holistic horsemanship journey. In order to share the knowledge of some of these amazing people, we host a number of equine professional workshops throughout the year.

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I appreciate the time and effort the Turnbulls have put in to creating a top notch clinic venue in the midst of a welcoming home environment nestled in beautiful bush county.

I have attended several clinics organised and hosted my AMT, and every year the facilities and amenities just keep getting better - there are few venues left where you can safely camp and yard your horse and focus on immersing yourself fully into the clinic experience.

The provision of well respected clinicians from around the world, covering different but complementary aspects of equitation, Horsemanship and animal health is a resource rarely found in one place, let alone on the verifiable doorstep of Perth.

Rena & Jethro

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