Fitting the pieces of your Horsemanship Journey

Many professionals will be pieces of the puzzle in your journey. We’re different. We help you fit the pieces of your horsemanship journey together. To find that picture of true softness and connection with your horse where all the pieces fit and horsemanship becomes a dance. Have you realised not everything you’ve learnt over the years is working for you and your Horse? Are you ready to look at your riding and relationship with your horse holistically – to see where you may have missing or broken pieces?

You want the best for your horse but you’ve come to realise there are no methods, disciplines, ideas or ‘experts’ that are right for every horse-human partnership, no matter how popular or fashionable they may be. You know that more is possible – and you’re willing to do what it takes to find it, learn it and live it. Knowledge is nothing if we don’t practice and apply it. If you’re ready and open to a more conscious and holistic approach to your horsemanship, we’d love to meet you.

​Who We Are

Andrew and Maike Turnbull share a love and passion for horses and our combined horse training, coaching and holistic veterinary skills empower us to help horses and their humans. Each year we ride and train our own horses with world renowned horsemen and women and learn from other professionals to continuously build on our knowledge, skills and awareness.

What We Do

We help horse owners enjoy their horses and achieve their dreams. We help horses get along with and understand their human. We do this by taking horses in for training, offering individual lessons and clinics, coaching at clubs and hosting world renowned equine professionals in Australia. We provide a holistic approach to horsemanship with the whole horse in mind. 

What's Happening?

We have an action packed year ahead for 2020 with many exciting clinics and projects underway. Check out our Calendar and join our email list and Facebook page to stay up to date. Some of our upcoming events include clinics with John Saint Ryan, Belinda Bolsenbroek, Manolo Mendez, Steve Halfpenny, Jeff Sanders, Rodrigo Matos and more. Andrew is also busy coaching Working Equitation and cattle clinics.  

In order for your partnership with your horse to thrive, you both need to be healthy and happy on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. All of these aspects are incorporated in our approach, creating a powerful alchemy of holistic horsemanship.

Sometimes it's your horse that needs more help, sometimes it's You.

Often it's both.


​Horse Training 

​​​Young horse education, starting under saddle, re-education and advanced schooling. ​We can also help with injury rehabilitation.

​Advanced Education

​​Want​ to train your horse to a high level of balance​, finesse and advanced movements? We can help take your horse there.


Andrew coaches  classes for Adult Rider, Natural Horsemanship and Working Equitation Clubs including cattle clinics.

​Lessons and Clinics

​Individual, group lessons and clinics available Australia wide. Get in touch if you're keen to host us.

Online Learning

We are launching an exciting new online project in October 2020. Stay tuned...

​Equipment Sales

​We sell a range of top quality saddles, bosals, mecates (Hackamores) and horsemanship equipment.

Clinic Hosting

Check out some of the Clinicians we're hosting in Western Australia in 2021