Belinda Bolsenbroek Clinic

13 and 14 April 2019

Join us for a 2 Day Clinic with  Belinda  Bolsenbroek in Western Australian on 13 and 14 April 2019, hosted by AMT Equestrian Services. The clinic will be held at Sunninghill Equestrian Centre (Indoor arena) in Stoneville.

Belinda  tailors  her  approach  to  each  individual  rider  and  horse  combination,  and  can  help  you  break  through  any  issue  or  plateau  you  are  currently  experiencing  in  your  training,  and  allow  you  to  advance  to  the  next  step.  Though  Belinda  teaches  riders  at  a  Grand  Prix  and  Haute  Ecole  level,  riders  of  all  levels  that  are  looking  to  improve  their  riding  and  expand  their  knowledge  are  encouraged  to  apply.

As  part  of  the  clinic,  riders will  receive  group  tuition  with  all  other  clinic  participants  over  a  series  of  lectures,  which  cover  the  concepts  and  theories  that  underlie  Belinda’s  training  methods. 

Lecture  topics  covered  include  a  variety  of  subjects,  including:  

  • Theories and  biomechanical  knowledge  underlying  Belinda’s  training  methods  
  • Diagrams detailing  the  purpose  and  correct  performance  of  dressage  exercises   
  • The steps  of  training  in  logical  order  of  progression   –  The  concepts  and  uses  of  natural  horsemanship  and  liberty  work  
  • Common training  mistakes  to  avoid  
  • History and  evolution  of  horsemanship  from  ancient  greek/roman  times  to  the  present 

All  clinic  participants  are  encouraged  to  ask  questions  during  both  theoretical  and  practical  sessions,  though  please  bear  in  mind  not  to  be  disruptive  to  other  riding  participants  lessons. 



Applications to ride

There will be 8 ridden places available for this clinic and riders will be selected through an application process. 

Applications to ride in this clinic will close on 22 February 2019. Contact us at for an application form.

Once  we  receive  your  submission,  we  will  review  your  application  and  inform  you  of  the  outcome. 

If your application is successful, full payment of the clinic fee is required to secure your practical place in the clinic. The clinic rider fee is $690.00.

By riding in Belinda’s clinic you may be selected to become part of a Masterclass group with Belinda. More information about this will be provided at the clinic.



A limited number of auditor places are available.
Auditor places are:

  • $135 for both days,
  • $95 for Saturday 13 April (Full Day) or
  • $55 for Sunday 14 April (Half Day)

Clinic Schedule

The clinic will run to approximately this schedule:

Day 1
08.15-08.45: Registration & Orientation
08.45-09.45: First theory session.
10.00-13.00: First rider sessions.
13.00: lunch (BYO).
14.15-18.00: Second rider sessions.
19.00: Dinner at a local restaurants (all participants welcome to attend at their own cost)

Day 2
8.30-10.00: Third theory session.
10.00am-13.00: Third rider sessions.
13.00: lunch (BYO) and closure of the clinic. Riders will be left with feedback on what they should work on and how, so that they can progress further the next clinic.

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I appreciate the time and effort the Turnbulls have put in to creating a top notch clinic venue in the midst of a welcoming home environment nestled in beautiful bush county.

I have attended several clinics organised and hosted my AMT, and every year the facilities and amenities just keep getting better - there are few venues left where you can safely camp and yard your horse and focus on immersing yourself fully into the clinic experience.

The provision of well respected clinicians from around the world, covering different but complementary aspects of equitation, Horsemanship and animal health is a resource rarely found in one place, let alone on the verifiable doorstep of Perth.

Rena & Jethro

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