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 Since commencing their horsemanship journey together in 2007, Andrew and Maike have ridden and trained with many horsemanship trainers and clinicians from Australia and internationally to improve their awareness and skills. In order to meet and ride with some of these great horsemen and women, Maike and Andrew began hosting clinics in Western Australia in 2010.

AMT Equestrian host a number of Horsemanship clinics and workshops throughout the year. For upcoming clinics and workshops head over to our Calendar of Events.

Andrew Turnbull

Andrew Turnbull

AMT Equestrian Services

Andrew teaches several horsemanship clinics throughout the year, catering for beginners to advanced riders. Clinic themes range from ground and  in-hand work, learning footfalls and lateral work under saddle  to mechanical cow practice.

Andrew is available to travel so if you are interested in hosting a clinic with Andrew at your own property feel free to contact AMT to discuss. Clinics can be tailored to small groups or a maximum of 12 participants. For more information about Andrew visit here.

Steve Halfpenny

Steve Halfpenny

Light Hands Equitation

Steve is the founder the Light Hands Equitation Program. Steve’s specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of riding. Steve has combined knowledge gained from the many great horsemen who have provided him with inspiration, with his own experience and intuitive feel for the horse.  His key focus has been to find an easier way for the horse and rider to communicate, creating simpler ways of explaining horsemanship to people,  so that they can better understand the horse’s intrinsic nature rather than simply delivering a rote training program. For more information about Steve visit here.

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders

California Vaquero Horsemanship

Jeff Sanders was born in Merced California and raised on the Central Coast, right in the heart of Vaquero country. Jeff is a 6th generation Californian. He is one of very few teaching the California Vaquero style of horsemanship who was raised in the traditions and is truly a Californio himself.  Jeff still works when he is home but is steadfast in his dedication to spreading the traditions of the California Bridle Horse throughout the world.

Traveling throughout the US, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe and even Israel teaching this style of horsemanship, Jeffʼs hope is that this proud tradition that respects the rider and honours the horse will not just survive but will once again flourish. Jeff has been coming to WA for several years and is gaining a growing number of dedicated students from a variety of disciplines including dressage, western and pleasure riders. For more info about Jeff visit here.

Some moments captured during clinics at AMT Equestrian

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I appreciate the time and effort the Turnbulls have put in to creating a top notch clinic venue in the midst of a welcoming home environment nestled in beautiful bush county.

I have attended several clinics organised and hosted my AMT, and every year the facilities and amenities just keep getting better - there are few venues left where you can safely camp and yard your horse and focus on immersing yourself fully into the clinic experience.

The provision of well respected clinicians from around the world, covering different but complementary aspects of equitation, Horsemanship and animal health is a resource rarely found in one place, let alone on the verifiable doorstep of Perth.

Rena & Jethro

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