Groundwork and Young Horse Day – 23 February 2019

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Sunday 23 February 2019 from 9 am to 4.00 pm

Join us for a day of horsemanship learning focusing on effective groundwork with your horse.

Having a horse that leads well and has good ground manners is paramount for safety and to build a quality relationship with your horse. Most problems start on the ground and having a solid foundation on the ground with your horse will allow you to progress much more safely and easier under saddle. Groundwork not only builds a horse’s confidence and softness it is also vital to help the horse to use its body in a bio-mechanically correct way in order to encourage self-collection and lifetime soundness.

Whether you have a young horse who would benefit from a day out, learning in a safe environment or an older horse with whom you wish to build a better foundation or solve some problems.

If you want to build your own confidence and work on your relationship with you horse, groundwork is the prefect avenue!

This day will focus on safety and working on achieving a light and soft connection with your horse on the ground. We will work on common groundwork horsemanship exercises as well as touch on how to help your horse to build the correct muscles to assist in self-collection and healthy biomechanic motion. The way we teach is based on exercises and principles taught by Tom Dorrence, Buck Brannaman, Stephen Halfpenny and Manolo Mendez.

We will introduce you to strengthening exercises that can be taught from the ground using simple techniques.

There will also be an opportunity to work on de-sensitising your horse to ‘scary’ objects such as tarps, poles, large balls and a cow on wheels! This is especially useful for young horses.

Participant places are limited to ensure everyone receives plenty of time and attention. Participants will be split into 2 groups and each group will participate in two 1.5-2 hour sessions throughout the day.


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