Horsemanship Flag (Stainless Steel) – GREEN

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Light weight stainless steel Horsemanship Flag – GREEN

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Top Quality Horsemanship Flag

120 cm long

Stainless Steel shaft with silicon rubber handle

These flags have been engineered to deliver a light weight, strong and well balanced training aid.

  • Well distributed and lightweight, these flags allow for precise and accurate movement, reducing the follow through experienced with heavier flags.
  • Fully welded tip ring. The closed ring eliminates gaps in the flag tip that could otherwise catch in mane and tail hair, and the round tip ring reduces the likelihood of stick injuries to sensitive eyes and muzzles.
  • Made from a silky, rip-stop taffeta, each flag includes two reinforced mounting points for attaching the flag to the shaft. Wear out one mounting point and you can turn the flag around and use the second position, effectively doubling the life of your flag.
  • The flags are finished with a green, smooth silicon rubber handle that is hard wearing and comfortable to hold.

This item is a stainless steel shaft with green flag


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