HydroHoof – 190ml

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Hoof Moisturiser

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Hoof Moisturiser imported from Redhorse Products UK

Designed to balance moisture in the hoof rather than saturate it, this hoof moisturiser allows the horn to take in only the moisture it needs to avoid the horn becoming soft and soggy. With no mineral oils, turpentine or tar you can rest assured that this product will not damage precious hoof material.

HydroHoof can be brushed onto the hoof to moisturise it in dry weather or to provide a barrier against wet environmental conditions to prevent excess moisture uptake into the hoof causing it to soften too much.

Hydrohoof contains the following ingredients, for the following reasons:

– Bio active honey: for moisture regulation and antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties
– Aloe Vera Gel: moisturising and and antibacterial
– Sweet Almond Oil: moisturising and prevents excess moisture uptake/ loss from horn tissue
– Shea Butter: moisturising and UV protective elements.
– Water: to give a spreadable consistency
– Beeswax: provides a barrier to prevent moisture loss
– Ceteryl Alcohol: an emulsifier to keep oil ingredients mixed with water based ingredients
– Vitamin E: a preservative and hoof conditioner
– Bergamot: antibacterial/ antifungal and used to improve hoof/ nail condition


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